Szabó Zsolt

Property Expert

I am Zsolt Szabó, one of House Hunters Real Estate Office’ most ambitious members. Earlier I worked in the tourism industry for nearly a decade where I was not selling a product that was possible to try out, try on or taste in advance but an experience embodied in the future. Thus, I could serve my customers’ satisfaction in the most effective way by getting to know the human behind the paying customer, including their priorities and desires. Similarly, real property is a thankless asset which can only fulfil the hopes placed in it in the future. Whether it is sale or purchase, letting or renting, there is a reason why we could call it a “pig in a poke” product. Based on my professional expertise and former experience, I am the agent who can help to make that “poke” more transparent and to gain a good return on the energy and financial resources in the most effective way and in the shortest possible time. I believe that I can get the perfect owner to the perfect real property!

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