Kubányi Renáta

Property Expert

I am Renáta Kubányi, one of the most enthusiastic and, not least, the most appreciated members of House Hunters Real Estate Office. e. It is a fantastic feeling to find a home to my clients, sell the property which they wish to sell, or to meet my investors’ needs. . For me, their smile and sincere happiness reflect their satisfaction. . These moments encourage and motivate me during my work to do my job with a permanent momentum and joy, in addition to a continued development and studying this profession. This way it is not only a duty to be done. Nothing feels better than doing the job you like. I am grateful for all of this. I can take advantage of my sales experience of several years in a different segment. Characteristic of me and the whole team are professional, correct, precise work ethics, be it any of our service: appraisal, credit administration, insurance energetics, remodelling, renting out, all-inclusive administration, consulting, involving an experienced lawyer specialising in property law.

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